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Insomnia Severity Index Score 0 to 7 - No Clinically Significant Insomnia (Stage 1)

A score of 0 to 7 is Stage 1 insomnia.

This score indicates that your insomnia is only a minor issue
at present.

At this stage, you can focus on maintaining or improving the
quality of your sleep.

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A Basic Sleep Routine is essential at this stage.

  • Timing for medication with arthritis is essential to optimize sleep duration and quality. Most pain tablets have an onset of action about 30 minutes after they are taken, and last for approximately 6 hours before the pain returns. Aim to take pain relief just prior to sleep so that the pain sensation will decrease while in bed.

  • Use of hot water bottles or heated blankets can also reduce pain.

  • A warm shower or bath can also help.

  • Look at the timing of steroids as they can impact sleep.

  • Eliminate any stimulants close to bedtime, including caffeine. 

  • Limit nap-taking close to bedtime.