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Insomnia Severity Index Score 8 to 14 - Subthreshold Insomnia (Stage 2)

A score of 8 to 14 indicates that you have subthreshold insomnia (Stage 2).

Your pain is an issue and, if it continues over the longer term, insomnia can affect your mood.

Not surprisingly, low mood is associated with poor sleep and both get worse over time.

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Ensure that the Basic Sleep Routine for Stage 1 is followed. Additional considerations for Stage 2 subthreshold insomnia are below:

  • Coordinate pain medication. Often multiple pain tablets are taken throughout the day and if they are taken closer to bedtime, this should help with pain management. An example could be Tylenol and codeine which may be a combined tablet, or if separate, could be taken at the same time. Codeine also has the effect of increasing drowsiness.

  • Reduce the daytime use of opioid analgesia like codeine, so that the night time dose is more effective for pain and encouraging sleep.

  • Exercise can be challenging depending on the location of pain. If possible, focus on activities that are practical and will not worsen the pain.