Our Approach

Vibrocise uses the science of vibration and focused exercises to bring relief to those suffering from arthritis pain.

Vibration stimulates bone strengthening and blocks pain signals, thereby reducing joint pain.

Our Story

It has been a fascinating journey discovering how vibration and neurology interact to help relieve pain.

The principles of vibration are already being used to help those suffering with neurological conditions including Parkinson's disease.

Vibration therapy is part of a healthy lifestyle, and it is time for arthritis sufferers to reap the benefits.

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Dr Philip McMillan

Medical doctor with a desire to impact on chronic health conditions such as dementia and arthritis.



Jacqueline Allison, PhD, CFA

Corporate executive with passion for helping others through health-related enterprises.


Social Media Advisor

Rik Courtney

CEO of Bemoresocial; optimising our social media presence.