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Vibrocise Essentials

CAD $275

Vibrocise Essentials includes an exercise video focused on reducing arthritis pain. It is suitable for the average person with arthritis. Included in the price are two smovey vibration rings and an additional smovey exercise DVD with general exercises.

Vibrocise Plus

CAD $275 + CAD $14.99/month

This programme is for the arthritis sufferer who is looking for Vibrocise Essentials exercises focused on reducing arthritis pain as well as supporting information. It includes monthly health and exercise webinars or videos on topics relating to arthritis.


Vibrocise Max

Price dependent on location

In addition to the Vibrocise Plus programme, this includes a weekend small group session with personalised attention and a bespoke programme of exercise.


Monthly Programmes

The real benefit from the smovey comes over time with regular activity. In order to maintain and improve function, we recommend that you include newer exercises as they become available. Additionally, our monthly webinars provide additional information on arthritis-related topics.

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This is an incredible opportunity for those who have been suffering with arthritis pain.