Vibrocise Explained

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Vibrocise Essentials: 1 Smovey Set + Vibrocise Basic Arthritis Exercise Routine


"The Essentials of Vibrocise" by Dr Philip McMillan, MB.BS, MRCP(UK), March 29, 2020.
The prevalence of arthritis in the ...


Vibrocise Basic Arthritis Exercise Routine is a valuable tool to help manage arthritis pain. This first-of-a-kind exercise routine is an ...

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Educational video series explaining the science of arthritis pain and discussing the management of arthritis pain with professionals ...

The Science of Vibrocise video explains how Vibrocise works to reduce the pain of arthritis. It looks at the connections to the brain and the positive effect of vibration in strengthening bone.

Reduce your arthritis pain!

Vibrocise is available through Smovey Canada