Can you tell me how Vibrocise works?

The Vibrocise exercise programme reduces pain by combining an understanding of arthritis with the effective benefits of vibration. There is evidence that vibration stimulates bone strengthening which reduces joint pain for the Vibrociser. In addition, the neural pathway stimulated by vibration blocks pain signals in the spinal cord.

What is a Vibrociser?

A Vibrociser is anyone who uses the Vibrocise exercise programme and benefits from its unique features.


What is the best time of day for a Vibrocise exercise session?

Most times of the day are fine for enjoying a Vibrocise exercise session. As the vibrations positively impact on your central nervous system, a 15-minute Vibrocise session in the morning reduces stiffness and increases energy levels. During the day, another 15 minute session of Vibrocise can help reduce afternoon fatigue. It is not recommended to Vibrocise within an hour of bedtime as the stimulation caused by the vibration may reduce sleepiness.

How long is a typical Vibrocise programme?

The Vibrocise Plus programme provides ongoing therapy for the Vibrociser and can be made part of their daily routine.

How does Vibrocise help improve balance?

The specific vibrations created by Vibrocise support the part of the brain responsible for balance. 

Is Vibrocise recommended for everyone?

The benefits from using Vibrocise contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Vibrocise is recommended for everyone, with the exception of pregnant women over 7 months. 

The Vibrocise Plus option includes health and exercise webinars to guide the Vibrociser in achieving the maximum benefit.

Why have I not heard about Vibrocise before?

Vibrocise is a relatively new concept and is growing quickly as a tool for reducing arthritis pain. Our Vibrocise programmes are built around the smovey, which is being used in multiple countries in Europe and Asia to address complex neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease. We now know that vibration therapy is beneficial in a wider range of health conditions including arthritis.

Can I bring my smovey with me on a flight?

The smovey can fit in hand luggage.

Is Vibrocise good value for money?

Vibrocise uses smovey and each pair is individually hand made to the highest standards in Austria. Relief from arthritis pain and improvement in quality of life is priceless.

How does Vibrocise demonstrate corporate social responsibility?

Vibrocise promotes healthy living through regular exercise. The manufacturing company which produces smovey supports workers with disabilities by providing jobs in its workshop. We believe that having a disability should not prevent someone from having a great job.


Please consult your health care professional before beginning this or any other health or fitness program. The creators, producers and distributors of Vibrocise disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises, instructions and advice herein.